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"Resurrection" (2014)

Selfless lyrics - New Found Glory

Break a mirror and ignore all my features
The fate I’m facing. See what I could do without safety
Make my palms bleed, do all asked of me
With my hand over my heart

Made a pledge to never grow up a bitter dinosaur
Never make mistakes that I made before
Never feel entitled
I just want to know I’ve contributed

I wanna live selfless
Instead of just floating by
Living every day like its my last
I can catch up on my sleep when I die
Aren’t you sick of being selfish
I wanna show that I try
Living every day like it’s my last
I can catch up on my sleep when I die

Anxiety is a crippler, nothing meaner
Than loaded eyes
Followed by a smirk and a whisper
As I pass you by, but I’ll let it fly
Cause my hand is sewn to my heart

If I’m not making any sense
Then you’re not at fault
You just haven’t yet felt emptiness
Like the taste of a flat soda
Thought it would be so sweet
You got all you dreamed but still feel incomplete
No I’m not gonna settle anymore
No I’m not gonna hold my tongue
If you haven’t made enemies
Then you never stood for anything
You’re just dust in the breeze
I’m just the dust in the breeze but I want to be a hurricane

Resurrection lyrics - New Found Glory (feat. Scott Vogel)

Pictures on the wall I take down
But there's no frown on my face
It's just good to know that your breakdown
Has been put in its right place

Criticized my mistakes
While you dug your own grave
Singing songs about our friends
You never cared about them

So long, so long
And thanks for nothing
I'm gone, I'm moving on
Watch my resurrection

The knife you stuck in my back
It couldn't cut through my spine
You're a self-proclaimed fiction author
But I learned to read between the lines

Criticized my mistakes
While you dug your own grave
You can only go so far
This is where your story ends

There's no tricks up your sleeve that we haven't seen
Every word from your moth never had meaning
Your agenda exposed easily every single time

The Worst Person lyrics - New Found Glory

Had everybody feeling bad for you
The last two years all the pain you went through
You were only giving half the truth
Loving attention, playing a victim
The whole time you were abusing
The ones you loved
You hid your life away
You didn't want them to know
You were hooking up with girls in Boston

You might be the worst person
I've ever met, I've ever known
You keep doing all that shit that
You regret
End up alone

You'd look in my eyes
Tell a lie and not even flinch
You would only stand close to me
To steal a dollar from my back pocket
Manipulate situations and weak minds
To feed all your desires
You would ruin relationships
Then post a smile and hope
Someone likes it
Oh, you know better

[Chorus x2]

Will you ever get your head straight
Making excuses?
Better point the finger back at you
By now, you know there's no use in
Trying to fool me
'Cause I know the full story
So you seek out the meek
Kissing your feet
Spineless believers
Threw me down in the dirt
Dust off my shirt
I'm gonna air it out
I'm gonna air it out for you

[Chorus x5]

Ready And Willing lyrics - New Found Glory

I defied the odds
Dead end cul-de-sac gridded streets that felt like jail
A maze of palm trees, led to nowhere
Built my own boat so I could sail
They said, you won’t make it
You’re just wasting all your time
But I’ve got no patience
And hate to stand in lines

Ohh I’m ready and I’m willing to take you on
Ohh I’m ready and I’m willing to lose it all

I search the channels to find stations
I used to watch when I was young
Only to find a reality that’s fine
Settling for dumb
There’s no more heroes
No one showing us the way
So I sift through my old 45”s
To remind myself.

When my back goes out, I’ll know I did it all
And have stories to tell.
When my eyes go bad, I’ll know I’ve seen it all
They’ll be light when my vision fails
My legs will go bad
But I walked 5 continents
So I won’t need to stand
I hope this life I lived will wake you up
So you could do it again

Are you ready are you willing to take it on?
Are you ready are you willing to lose it all?

One More Round lyrics - New Found Glory

Excuse me, your honor and jury, pass all your judgment
I’ve been examined, interrogated my entire life
I never look at your verdict, but bailiffs, sometimes they read them
And when I hear your thoughts on me, I want to personally say

When you doubt me, it makes me better
When you hate me, it makes me stronger

[Chorus x2:]
One more round
Kick me when I’m down
But I already won
When my name rolled off your tongue

You’re a kid from the future, you’re passive, and you’re afraid
Sound so bold when you’re on paper, crumble when face to face
Yeah, I’m from the past where words were backed by confrontation
So when I hear your thoughts on me, I’m going to personally say

When you doubt me, it makes me better
When you hate me, it makes me stronger

[Chorus x2]

Oh, oh, oh, oh
Take a walk in my shoes
Oh, oh, oh, oh
See how many steps you’ll get through
Oh, oh, oh, oh
You wouldn’t make it a block without begging to stop
Me from throwing stones

[Chorus x2]

Vicious Love lyrics - New Found Glory

If you’ve ever been in love
Or ever hope to be in love
Here’s a story you’ll love with all your heart

Couples on their backs in the park
Lay on blankets bought
On a date the day before
A routine I’ve been longing for
I can’t help but to glance
From the corner of my resentful eyes
I guess it’s all perspective but
It’s you I never get enough
We’re always far apart

We’ve got a vicious love
We mix our tears with blood
No clock will stop for us
It ticks by
We fight as hard as we love
We’ve got a vicious love

When I go out alone
And see them sharing meals
Like Lady and the Tramp
Hate their loving eyes
Wishing it was you and I
Add tip to my receipt
Fold it up behind a picture of us
I guess it’s all perspective but
Together though we rarely touch
Hard not to fall apart


I could have given up a thousand times
In the past that was so easy
When the thought came to my mind
There was no convincing me
Plant my feet to face it all
Side by side or a phone call
Living in tension with you
Still feels better
Better than I’ve ever known


Persistent lyrics - New Found Glory

We both dreamed a white fence
Would wrap our front yard
How my arms have held you all these years
Now I wake in the morning
And roll to find you
Damn you, sunshine and the shadows you make

If you don’t love me anymore
If you don’t love, you don’t love me anymore
I’m gonna go out knowing I tried. Persistent
If you don’t want me anymore
If you don’t want, you don’t want me anymore
Persistent so I know I tried
I did my best now I must survive and keep
Pushing on

I had a daughter as tall as I am
In my sleep I see the craziest things
Over her shoulder I saw you smiling
Now I don’t want to wake up and it fades


When I’d swim in the ocean
I’d miss your skin
So fair the summer would burn it
When I’d hike up a mountain
I’d miss your smile
You’d love the view from the top of it
I would be reminded every day
I would be reminded every day of my shame

[Chorus] x2

Stories Of A Different Kind lyrics - New Found Glory

You’re 21 and jaded
While I’m just trying to survive but you still
See me smiling
You’re arrogant like you’ve made it
Acting like the living dead
But I’m the one who’s alive instead

Fires, fighting, and long wasted nights have
Become the moments that I live for

Stories of a different kind
You do it for money while I do it for a good time
And you can bet when it ends
I’ll be full of debt but I’ll have no regrets

Rocket shooting you straight to the top
And I’m afraid you miss the point
And you need some reminding
You’re no pioneer, your way was paved
A decade ago I was in your shoes
But never had your attitude

Fires, fighting, and long wasted nights have
Become the moments that I live for

[Chorus x2]

I’ve been around the world a thousand times
Had people shouting out my name
To later on forget all the words they sang
And it never felt the same

[Chorus x2]

You’ll be emptied files in a trash can
And I’ll be a good find in a used bin

Angel lyrics - new found glory

Hope you’re listening
Want you to hear me
I got a lot to say
And get off my mind
You dragged my family name through the dirt
I kept my mouth shut, digested the hurt
Towards the end I heard you talking to another
Two months later, you were calling them your lover

So what makes you think that you’re better
Better than anyone?

You’re no angel
You’re no angel
And no heaven would want you now

Did I jump too soon, reaching for the ledge
Pull myself up to you. You stomped my finger tips
I called and asked you back
You said it didn’t matter
But no one knows that ‘cause then you wouldn’t be a martyr

So what makes you think that you’re better
Better than anyone?
So what makes you feel
You’re more perfect
More perfect than everyone?


Is there any good you think about or are just all the bad times that we had
Stored in your memory?
Found a photo from eight years ago that made me smile and wonder how you’re doing
So what’s wrong with me?
I guess lashing out makes it easier, something to sing about just makes it easier
Why can’t I let it go? No, I won’t let it go
‘Cause I’m no
I’m no angel
Why would anybody want me now?